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Establishing A Health Care Trust Fund

    This should be a consideration when Federal Employment becomes a factor
    so that their self-management could be a solution aside from all other em-
    ployment within a state.

Job Relationships
Benefits for workers in Tuition Cost Paybacks including: On The Job Training,
    Scholar ships & Grants. Incentives for unemployed within each state in each
    Conversion Facility.

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About Me

I'm Mr. Charles Michael Jones, a native of the State of Alabama and I am 60 years old this year 2012. I believe in fair justice and swift judgment. I cannot believe in things that are totally absurd and out of a miscarriage of logic. For this reason I am leaning towards a opportunity for the people in America rather than a opportunity the government sees to grab from the people and I do not fathom why anyone would want their Power of Attorney stolen by government. It is like your without soul and have a empty shell for a skull which is suppose to have a brain to realize what your asking for is merely a pacifier that is coated with government blood. In Africa this was called "Blood Diamonds" because Diamonds were being used to purchase arms which the pirates and the terrorist were sailing to the natives working the Diamond Mines that stole Diamonds often. The Diamonds were like a deposit of Tax Money in the American Treasury and the weapon is aimed at the people already known as Private and Commercial Insurance Companies which will have to bend their logic like the thieves of Diamonds to comply to the wishes of the U.S. Government under control by Barack Obama. Can I be of service to you in your time of need? I hope your willing to realize that to stop their theft of Tax Money you do not have to go to Africa and arrest the Diamond thieves.
In my years of experience I have labored to the point that I became soaking wet in need of dry clothing. Can you imagine what this is like on cold mornings, I simply cannot adjust to the climate. I see that Obama has adjusted the financials of our government to the likings of his hot climate during these colder days and cooler air conditioning during hotter days in Washington esp. the White House. I might would have to have a window open if it is as hot as I have heard. I have always like to draw and write. I never had much to draw or write about but now there seems to me to be more much more to write and draw. I would like your suggestions so leave me a message at the Guestbook or send me a email promptly.
My mother and father both died in early 2015. Soon I will be devoting more time to this foundation.


Greetings Fellow American's

I am awaiting your suggestions and comments. You may send me a e-mail at the hyperlink below, you may sign My Guestbook, you may comment on My Blog. Whatever it takes to setup this Foundation your in charge of contacting me. I began this objective two and a half years ago. I ultimately composed the breath of the Project then by 01-10-2009 the Plan was published on Bravenet.com where it is no longer active to read. This is the http://jonalist.bravehost.com/jonalist.html was the Old Homepage of The Electric Vehicle Free Conversion Foundation (EVFCF) now terminated and this is The Foundation Page on the original site I was editing everyday. I also have a Guestbook and a Blog. What happened at that site is that they changed thier interpretation of what file storage space should be regarding a Free Website and with the severe limitations I had no choice than to remove all the News Articles I had saved along with the pictures I made and uploaded but I still retain the basic pages and had to upload many of the files to Windows Live Gallery and MySpace Gallery. I do have Blogs at Windows Live & MySpace.com. I also have a Charter Website. I am a Member of The Picken's Plan. My Newest Blog is at Townhall.

Don't depend on our government in getting out of the mess that has begun over Health Care because Health Care might be a serious consideration for everyone but wasn't that always true, wasn't that a reality to solving our government issue of insurers it was suppose to manage always and yet wasn't it also something they did nothing about until now to deminish the insurers they were managing as their solution to making payments necessary by all taxpaying citizens without endorsing the Power of Attorney which in this instance can be stold from all citizens. Government bureacratic methods to turn a dime into a fraction of a penny worked the opposite way and instead of becoming a dime from a penny government has gone a step further to make it more than a dollar to balance its excessive need to spend, spend, spend. If your sick of this sort scenario then don't favor government in giving government anything it don't have to have like more Pork Projects. The reality OBAMA has churned over OBAMACARE has lost to many employers in a incapable position, many employees are being told that they have been laid off. Government has not the resources nor the money to initialize OBAMACARE and as a result taxes will increase as will the yet seen overhead costs per consumer depending on Medicare or Medicaid to help them medically. Those two options are totally out of sequence in Obama's plan and are being used for funding of OBAMACARE. Unfortunately if a state were to agree to participate with OBAMACARE the state would have to turn over to the Federal Government all management of Medicaid within that state which removes the state legislature of having the right to legislate laws and rules of administering it for their citizens whom need it. There is no exception every state that agrees loses that right to OBAMACARE. Imagine the states that have Supercomputers setup to manage that service and how the Federal Government then would have to control all of their computer infrastructure based on the fact that every employee would have to discharge their old policy and initialize OBAMACARE for their only insurance plan.

Senators of the 111th Congress


Congressmen & CongressWomen (Members of the House of Representatives of the 111th Congress)


What to Complain to our Leaders About


Three hundred additional pages in the Senate version of the Health Care Bill is full of unfunded mandates and many unknowns. In addition to the legal terminology it has become a new opponent to legalized bribery tactics through its passage. Senators were being asked to buy votes for passage because needed was 60 votes and Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) was out striking the deal to get the Federal Government to fund his state Medicaid. Many people simply will not become eligible for Medicaid until 2014, therefore each year states will have to fund even more of their state Medicaid. This Nelson tactic worked for his state of Nebraska but could Harry Reid be a lasting component in Nebraska after this overwhelming crime has taken place.


If Federal Health Care passes it will be a unfunded mandate. Are we being threatened? Can Nebraska present a alternate candidate to replace both Nelson and Reid? The House has already passed its version to go to Conference Committee in January 2010, the Senate is expected to vote on their version this week. Driving a stake in this Government Plan is the Government Modified Loan Defaults of borrowers from the 20% cuts received a year earlier according to the Office of the Controller of the Currency & the Office of Thrift Supervision. Signs of new stems in the foreclosure crisis. Lenders since March endorsed loans that require at least three on-time payments and proof of income. Discounted foreclosures are hurting property values across the country esp. in Arizonia, California, Florida, and Nebraska. Loans made in April show that at least 20% of the borrowers have missed at least two payments, a year before this showed 30% had become deliquent. From July-September 22% of the borrowers have been foreclosed upon. I might also point out that death rates of homeless have increased from natural causes due to factors of climate conditions, malnurishment, poor health, and general exposure to the elements besides a ever increasing crime rate in all states with California leading that tally thus far this year. The sweetheart deal may not work for Nebraska.


The Left Officials (Big-Government Liberals who are currently attempting an unconstitutional government takeover of Health Care) broke Medicare leaving it unfunded for $43 Trillion Liability which is four tims the current Federal bonded debt. Estimations puts a burden to every American (man, woman, and child) at about $143,000 which is destined for future taxation to pay it off. Medicare supposedly has a Trust Fund to extend its operation for seven years made up of government bonds, or IOU's that earn interest. Interest must also be repaid someday and this extends the liability further. There is no money set aside to pay any future Medicare Benefits and never has been so this much is certain Medicare is broke. Every bill of Medicare has always had a heading for the National Debt, Government failed to make concession to pay Medicare and neither did Medicare. Anything changes I will know it so I will keep you informed on all my links.

That this Project Plan has a future, has a potential to help every citizen, has a virtual window on the energy needs of America, has a solution that will last for years to come regardless of mass transit and fast-rail. Is there more, yes I would say that if Health Care could be established then this Project Plan can undertake that at a low risk to every citizen that participates and could strengthen the economy just because of investors seeking a new tommorrow.

What Happened To Change Anything

The whistles haven't blown about Obamacare simply because the leadership that is complaining about the public scam to provide HC Insurace in 10 years for all American's has a tremendous overhead. Why, is this China's fault, No - not exactly. Instead of handling real money China has a World Bank Account which derives funding from the International Monetary Fund not based on actual receipts of cash but based on Future Cash Flow over the dealings China has undertaken with many nations, now America is one of them. This Fake Money Trail comes out of IMF but the WB accepts it, therefore transfers the deal with the WB Seal of Approval in the name of the Chinese Republic. No pink slips are returns to the WB, Interest on the Floated Loan then is percentized to IMF having a larger %% of the Interest. The CR is not really receiving money, it's clearing the account of asset that occurs in the future, less demand on the payoff. Eventually the CR settles the debt with a swap for food or fuel.

Health Care Insurance then becomes the gamble in the 10 year margin based on the actual cost of commodities that American's are paying for with no Cost of Living Increases, money becomes devalued ea yr less & less. The recession China has right now becomes a Inflation & the rest of the world begins to experience what they could have avoided if they had enough food & fuel a Recession, they already are experiencing a Inflation but the world is heading toward a Depression, America is perhaps leading the way & unfortunately the value of food China will receive will continue to be over valued to all their citizens forging itself out of Inflation & heading toward a sound economic goal. Was this gamble legal, our National Debt per citizen per deeds our govt undertake is not a ALa Govt Deed nor basing a motive for Tourism in ALa as it is in China where trip management from Hong Kong to Macau could cost as much as $500 per person. HC is in a Depressed state for 10 yrs. African's are at risk.

This was the big change, China helping America to establish American Health Care Insurance or was it that America gave into China's financial objective they had already begun worldwide with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). America now can become like most nations taking orders from IMF and losing a AAA Rating if a payment is missed and believe me IMF makes a big thing about missing a payment or not paying enough.


I got plenty to relate to the Commercial Airlines response to passengers - " THE BARE TRUTH TO SHOVE".


What The Foundation Is Not

The Foundation is not a Dealership, not a Franchise, not a catalog store or other retail or wholesale outlet for Consumer's, not a Rental Agency, not a Government Agency and has no Government Support. The main feature of the foundation is to put everything together for the customer whom is the participant and manage what ea needs as they need it forever if necessary and in this way we will not just create energy but conserve energy as well as boost or nations economy. It is not your garage opportunity nor a place to hang-out at anytime just to be managing your friends.

What Is The Foundation

The Foundation is the best Economic Solution Consumer's can be proud to support and not have a Tax added to their budget.

The Foundation can establish ' Health Care Insurance Trust Fund' in a feasible way which does not Tax American's, My Project Plan to do this is in three pages starting here.

In Conclusion

The simple conversion of a automobile can make this possible and there be no commercial small business responsible so in many years of substantial savings, The Foundation establishes the entire conversion parts and labor charges as its overhead that deducts from the assets and is a pay as we go solution with factories of our very bow and dedicated employee support. So let's not complain about our Government, it is really not as big as we were led to believe. In fact the only thing bigger is the fallacy that is being laid out which points towards higher Consumer Cost for Food, Housing, Construction, Fuels including Heating Oil and Natural Gas. Because so many scientist have failings in understanding how Natural Gas can be applied to create electricity through seeves which are nothing more than a filter and then employing a capture pellet which would be inside a container that would be removed from the vehicle when it has reached its capacity and replaced with a new capture capsule they fail in respect to environmental solutions when they stand strong against climate change they do not achieve a future that we have to establish and we cannot leave it up to the few scientists that do not know how to pave the way to the future because of their fobic rejection of Natural Gas as a safer fuel than liquids. However there is growing experimentation in LPG and filters to use with LPG that will accomplish the same electricity production and neither of these methods burn the Gasous Fuel. One other fuel of the future which would counter the lack of diesel fuel is green algae liquid fuel and I am certain we can pelletize this green algae and it being a solid make it work equally well for furnaces that heat homes and businesses. The best thing about Green Algae Fuel is that it is a renewable fuel source because it is grown not extracted frpm the earth or from rock and can be processed & piped just like oil and diesel fuel. A word being coined by Developers of Green Algae is Algaeus, [read this article Just One Thing: Green Your Car's Fuel]. The Algaeus Mobile site will explain details about this development about the first algae-powered plug-in electric hybrid car. The Algaeus, a modified Toyota Prius, is the world's first algae-fueled car & thiere is no limitation to the use of Green Algae. A proposed refinery and pipeline deal was in effect prior to the Algaeus Mobile development in California. The Sapphire Energy Company in New Mexico is a green startup company that developed algae fuel production on a farm in the desert.

Green Algae has the same chemical composition as gasoline allowing compatibility with existing gasoline technology, from its refinery to car engines yielding a probable 150 miles per gallon. Read This Article: Inhabitat - Algaeus Feature. What your looking at is the developer, Josh Tickell, that has the plan for America right now heading towards a future where diesel with a better fuel economy by about 30%; avg. 24mpg for gasoline vehicles compared with avg. 45mpg for diesel proves the Algaeus modified Toyota Prius to be the first economical vehicle alternative stand-alone alternate. No oil rig necessary & could be located anywhere which is only dependent on large pools for starter growth not much different from a fermenters point of view. Josh Tickell is head of the Algaeus Mobile site project. You can tell him I sent you to see what is going on with regards to Green Algae. If your worried about America's fuel reserve then I would worry no longer, when Green Algae can serve as a alternative fuel for generators those whom found that Solar Panels & Wind Turbines were not producing every moment necessary can find relief to know there is a solution to keeping a battery system powered up and to run constant without fear of the bad days of power generation. See the Modified Toyota Prius, here. I see the Toyota Prius as a Consumer owned vehicle that could be any type vehicle in driveways right now and you should too. The renewable fuel made from algae is now endorsed by the U.S. Department of Energy as a critical component of the road to American Energy Independence, this new technology is now on the road.

My Project Plan is a bit more elaborate in conceiving the total vehicles we have to convert to electric, Natural Gas, or adapt to Green Algae Electrification. We know a Diesel Fuel Cell can be employed to provide electricity from Diesel Fuel as I show on the Picken's Plan Gallery I uploaded, & we can see that with this advantage filtration will allow bigger and better energy development so it is just a matter of time that we head to a successful future fully without depending entirely on New Vehicle production.

How could Obama think he could make money out of Louisiana with their LPG which they own outright and collect tax to distribute to the state agencies, it is their profit base. Christmas is not right with a Christmas Tree loaded down with excessive Taxation to America's Future. It is not like Government is planning to give American's anything at all, that Health Care Bill produced the most expensive alternative to insuring all America and left out 23 million for obvious reasons there was not enough money to throw at their solution. Now I have a solution which can change the appearance of the Christmas Tree from a bill covered solution to establish 'Health Care Insurance Trust Fund' for all whom participate and it spells out jobs where the Government Plan does nothing in reserving jobs for America so it is up to taxpayers and voters to select this' Health Care Insurance Trust Fund ' Plan and move to establish the Project, We need to advance the [DocShare] opportunity. Senator Harry Reid, should have been a smart man to realize that Obama made fear engulf the decision process because Obama cannot see this as the alternative to keep America from bankruptcy based on his agenda of Greedy Politics. I am offering America a future that is lower in cost and has no dependence on the tax money or added taxes to acccomplish what America needs and can continue to do so. Donate (Get this Foundation Started Now)
Plus the Tax Burden has been increased on Taxpayer's to include Tax on Health Care, Medical Equipment, Import/Export of All Goods Which Affect The Health Care Industry, and Less Medical Benefits For Those Whom Are Insured but their Coverage will not be effective for Ten Years and our Government will be facing a serious bankruptcy at the same time. I might as well say this, we are being pushed from behind to endorse the Government Plan and pushed from each side to resist the Government Plan and pushed from the front to make our own plan. Well, this is our Project Plan and we shall make it work for all of the world to realize now is the time to consider the alternate method automakers failed to include when they were making autos which would have been just as easy for a Consumer to stand there and say, I want my auto converted not like it is right now. See this could have always been a objective of automakers, why should we have to accept purchasing a New Vehicle knowing that we cannot afford to since we have other cost factors, much of it is energy and home payments. Government just did not get thesituation that we are in as Consumer's to solve the problem better than they have and see what we got from their support. Need we say anymore for a future we make the decision on what we already have purchased and own outright?

Contact Me, We Got A Job To Accomplish: jonalist@evfcf.mysite.com

Financial Benefits

If each household budget saved on their own automobile in fuel expenses and that auto was converted, and a community effort was begun so their recharging their vehicle was possible without a electric power supplier business Corporate telling them their cost of Kilowatt Hours the homeowners could then produce a savings. Several other methods exist to create electricity and to store DC power that automakers are not considering as it bacame their only objective to get established recharge service stations which also sale Ethanol laden gasoline, diesel, & oil. Anything changed yet except the budget of those whom buy New Electric Hybrid Vehicles? The Foundation will not just create energy but conserve energy as well as boost or nations economy.

The cost is really is just a simple Warranty of $1,000 per year and that includes one free testing of their vehicle each year to determine if the components are functioning properly and if they need replacement or not. That is really all there is to this Project Plan, course there are responsibilities as we see with other Project Plans and these are objectively established to protect those participating in the Project plan. There is less worry from monthly payments which would occur if Consumer's were to purchase a New Electric Vehicle, if Consumer's chose The Foundation as their economic solution the best part of their year could be enjoyed without trips to banks, post offices or to the dealership. No one is allowed to sale or rent a vehicle, if it iswritten to a Last Will & Testament the new owne/operator must register for it to be legally occupied on highways. This is a major important feature towards vehicle theft and abuse by owners taking unfair advantage of the kindness of the use of all the technology so be thankful for that much. How then do we go through with starting our Foundation when we have a nurd behind the wheel of a New Vehicle that we do not occupy? Hey your going to qualify for Free Electric Charges for your vehicle once the charge units are made and placed along the highway at chosen locations If you are going to agree with the Warranty and pay each year.


Perhaps you are aware that much to Obama's amazement he has achieved a tremendous amount of victorious achievements according to the current administrators under his employ from 2010 but he has changed a few perhaps because he felt a need to accomplish a lot more. Unfortunately for him and for us he may not do that much. Mainly a economic issue has developed, one which is larger than the U.S. Treasury and the entire American landscape, why so large is a matter of realistic circumstances provided enough material is available at current demand which increases each moment a delay is presented, so what we see is city, county, state, and the Federal Government making a play for the proceeds which leaves American's out in the cold you might see this easier if you knew what it is I am talking about. First Obama did not waste much time trying to connect to Automakers to determine what they needed to improve their task of not just buckling down but to improve the future towards electric, natural gas, propane, and a reversal of only diesel, gasoline or the newer biofuel dependence. He learned quite a large amount of worthless information as a President but we learned much much more. In fact we have learned so much that we can see a turning point once again in the Stock Market as it begins to create yet another collapse as it did when President George Bush began getting the blame for it and he hired on Timothy Geithner as a employee, but Obama promoted him to the job of US Treasurer. Oh, did I forget that some change of his staff resulted in a change of the Chief of Staff, yes that has happened to, but we learn above the repertoire of a Presidential Staff, now we are again facing a second Mortgage Crisis and believe me this one is going to make the dust roll up into balls that break out windows and tear through monetary banks like it were onion skin paper. Oh crap again I was thinking this economic promise Obama made might last at least 5 years but he was incorrect, in fact don't depend on Obama to try to fulfill a promise like that, he really can't even write much less make a speech to a crowd of whom was spoofed by the crazed gunman Jared Lee Loughner whom shot Representative Gabrielle Gifford's in Arizona.

There's no real concern, the future of transportation is just as secure as it has always been. Most every city, county, state, and Federal Agency is prepared to do whatever it takes to handle natural disasters and normal traffic per term of duty of each session as well as can be expected so each relies highly on oil & gasoline or diesel but has gotten a fresh start in securing their lithium battery marketing future where pricing will drive up the value of the US Currency with hopes it will rebound. Do you believe that? Their future against all other possibilities even the computer industry must rely partially on their dream option securing that future in energy. Not enough I would say, look Africa holds a large amount of Lithium, some exists in China and China buys a large percentage of what they use in automobile batteries and some exists in America yet un-mined and some exists in Australia. That is it folks for that future to really get a kick from manipulating the price of oil/gasoline/diesel there must be a abundance of lithium but something has taken a larger portion of it besides what we know about and Obama found it out to late in the game to make much a dent on the nuclear component of lithium being used as a coating for every nuclear reactor Russia makes worldwide. You might say we have lost more than a few nuclear conversions we have lost several nations whom convert enriched uranium fuel because of the new nuclear arms deal with Russia we might loose the entire spectrum of lithium necessary for every reactor they have aided nations to construct and some are owned by Iran. So our next question is just a length of time request mixed with government control of the masses and price fixation for the little guys making routine deliveries. Development is going to roll towards higher stock prices before one day it crashes based on those facts surrounding the energy lithium has made possible for industrial change which never came. Things will be done, things should be done, we must consider what needs be done before Obama has left our generation his broken promise, Republicans will try to place themselves between Obama's dream venture and reality because Russia started early with a lithium reactor while America depended on Plutonium development worldwide to solve many nations energy problems. We have learned that WikiLeaks has a score to settle from being such a bad operative, we can't see through past information which don't connect dots, we must be accurate so let's achieve something this year at least we shall begin.

There's been several innovations since I terminated the original website in manufactured electric autos but the pricing is still beyond any benefit. One development I found on YouTube which shows a great way to achieve a electrical charge using absolutely no battery free energy generator - partlist included - 100% free by LifeHack2012. I believe he has something that needs to be explored fully. XLH Hybrid Conversion System Here is to costly to benefit, but a good try. Several wheel hub manufacturers exist but could be mass produced by a factory ran by The Foundation much cheaper. You can read this article Lit Motors Builds a Car that Breaks the Rules - very inconvenient small size priced between $16,000 & $20,000 is in the extreme. Tata Motors is going to be doing tests with compressed air assisted electric automobiles, however what you could expect as a midsize became a super compact so it also is inconvenient. GM discounted the Volt 25% to move them off the lots as they geared down production. So that leaves us to make the score for all. My question is, "When will we learn to stop spending money we do not have?" We have a long way to get there.
2015 is here Folks
I am looking forward to speak to anyone that wishes to hear of The Foundation. You can invite me to your school to speak provided you help pay fuel expense or traveling costs. Contact Me.